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Monte Alto Farm is committed to Social Responsibility, which means that we voluntarily decide to contribute to a fairer society and a cleaner environment. The concept of social responsibility can be understood at two levels: the internal level of relationship with employees and all parties affected by the company that can affect the reach of its members. And the external level, related to organization's actions about the environment, its business partners, and the environment in which they are inserted.

Environmental        Responsabilities

Environmental liability is closely related to environmental preservation practices. The primary concept of Monte Alto Farm, including all its production, is sustainability. All the discarded ones are reused in other processes, so there is no garbage and it also creates a self-sustaining virtuous space.


As in the handling of coffee trees, we have the necessary pruning. The branches of pruning, plus the coffee trees arranged for the renovation of the crop, are fully served in the coffee maker, there is no heating of chicken farms and coffee roasting. They are also fully used on fallen or dry branches of trees in general. The ashes produced in these processes are incorporated into the soil as natural fertilizer.

The farm has its own water sources and semi artesian wells for irrigation on Guarani Aquifer. This entire water system is registered and granted. The sewage of the farm is treated in a biodegradable organic system. Rainwater in the house is drived to lakes, where native,
non-commercial fish species have been re-introduced, and the water from the coffee laundering, rich in potassium, is completely reused in the crop.


We have some small and open-scale creations of bees, sheeps, rabbits, peacocks, geese, ducks, “angola’s chickens” and “terreiro” birds. These creations provide the balance of the environment with its natural predators. The ecological corridors of trees on the farm allow the diversification of more than 100 varieties of wild birds, mainly canaries (which were introduced by the owners). It should be noted that the forest preservation areas of the farm account more than the 20% requested by law, and with thousands of native trees and fruit trees planted, aiming at the recovery and proliferation of native fauna and flora, we also planted 130 thousand of “Pau de Balsa” trees, as managed and commercial forest, looking to diversify a sustainable production and also helping in the micro-climate of the region that is now affected by the sugar cane monoculture.

Company´s       Responsability
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The Company’s responsibility is closely related to an ethical and transparent management that our company has with our employees, always thinking about how we can minimize the negative impacts on the environment and the community.

The management of the owners aims at professional training, the generation of income and employment aiming at the rescue of human dignity and the reduction of social inequalities. Thus, employees receive adequate training and, mainly, Respect. The work system is negotiated directly between the owners and the Rural Workers' Union, with an assembly in the farm, creating a partnership that seeks fair wages, recovery of self-esteem and life’s quality, evidenced in the high standard houses of the resident employees, transportation, compensation of Saturdays and holidays

Corporate        Responsability

Corporate responsibility is a set of actions that benefits society and corporations, taking into account the economy, education, environment, health, transportation, housing, local activity and government. Our production is based on a Declaration of Responsibilities, registered in the notary’s office, to make it public, which summarizes the commitment of the producers with a world vision where they want to make the difference, being aware of their contribution to increase citizenship and quality of life within the SEAC (Social, Ecological, Agronomically Correct) proposal. Thus this proposal aims at the conscious return of the man to the field respecting the earth and life. The valorization of the natural defenses of the crop, seeking the balance between the living organisms vegetal and animal that populate the trees, and the power of strength of the earth and the climate provide an exceptional quality to Café Helena.


We declare that we are responsible for our business seeking to improve the quality of life, human dignity, professional training, income generation and employment. Thus we must be accountable to the community which we live and work. We must encourage the development of citizenship and the improvement of health and education system.

We declare that we are responsible for the consumers of our products and services, So we must have the highest quality to meet their needs. We must invest and innovate in programs, ideas and systems, always making progress and correcting mistakes. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Our customers' requests must be promptly and correctly fulfilled. Our suppliers and distributors should have the opportunity to earn a fair profit.

We declare that we have a responsibility to have capable administration, and our actions towards our employees must be fair and ethical. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merits. The employee pay should be fair. The work environment must be clean, ornized and safe. All the employees should feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be opportunity for development and progress for the most qualified.

We declare that we have responsibilities to the land and other property we have the privilege to use. Your History must be recovered and the past preserved. We must protect the environment and natural resources.


We also declair that, while complying with the above responsibilities, our business must provide adequate profits.

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