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In order to be inserted in the high quality market, the proposal of the owners was aimed at the development of a model of constant and rigorous control to provide the maintenance of the quality of the grains over the years. This option is the result of a combination of factors that included the selection of varietal strains of arabica coffee, with the potential to produce sweeter fruits, correct agronomic management, besides the pre-harvest, harvesting, post-harvesting, drying, storage, processing, classification, roasting, milling and packaging, within the concept of micro ecosystem.


The decision of verticalize the production from the planting to the final packaging was to control the production quality, whose noble origin has intrinsic characteristics such as soil and climate that defines a special beverage pattern.


Understanding and satisfying the consumer's needs for good quality coffee is the base of the type differentiation. The consumer should be surprised by the anticipation or creation of new expectations. From choosing the genetic variety to roasting, care must be taken to ensure that the product will remains within the quality specifications. By investing in research, technology and training, Café Helena takes pride in ensuring the incomparable pleasure that a simple cup of coffee can provide.


Therefore, Café Helena is a special coffee made with 100% arabica grains without any

impurity. Our blends are designed to achieve quality standards that exceed individual

attributes of each type of grain. The blends of Café Helena aims to balance and exalt the best qualities of flavor, body, acidity, scent and sweetness.


Monte Alto Farm is certified by UTZ CERTIFIED, which is one of the biggest coffee certification programs in the world.

UTZ CERTIFIED works with a strict Code of Conduct and defines, among other standards, that the farmer is trained in the area of business competence, working conditions and environmental protection. It holds a traceability system and ensures that the raw materials have been effectively cultivated and harvested in a responsible manner.

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Café Agrofloresta 

Compromisso com a preservação: estamos em fase de implementação do Café Agrofloresta

O Café Agrofloresta é um modelo de produção sustentável que combina o cultivo de café com o plantio de árvores nativas em áreas de preservação permanente.

Ao adotar o Café Agrofloresta, estamos contribuindo para a restauração e proteção de ecossistemas, promovendo a diversidade biológica, a retenção de água, a redução da erosão do solo e a promoção da vida selvagem.

The feminine touch in tradition

Maria Helena Monteiro combined the rural and the urban world, the past and the future in a Cup of Coffee. She renewed a male family tradition with a feminine vision of the future, and Café Helena brand’s was born.

She left a successful career in a multinational company to accomplish an old dream: to grow coffee at the farm where she was born, was raised and was married.

to overcome the commercialization dilemma, she has planned the cultivation,
industrialization and distribution of specialty coffees.

Maria Helena was the winner of the award “SEBRAE Mulher Empreendedora do Brasil” in
2005. She has described her inspiration in the narrative "Past and Future in a Cup of
Coffee". "What inspired me to start my business was realizing that Brazil, although it is the largest coffee producer in the world and the second consumer market, does not drink, on average, a good coffee.

In addition, the centuries-old history of coffee in my region, totally forgotten, should be
resumed. "

Recently, Café Helena obtained another achievement, the continuity. The founder’s
daughters embarked on the family tradition and became the fourth generation in the coffee business.

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