Café Helena is a dream that came true through a daring work, rich in details, that turned into a productive reality in constant evolution, renewing the productive techniques in order to preserve the nature values.

At Fazenda Monte Alto coffee is carefully planted, cultivated, harvested, dryed, stored, classified, toasted, milled, and packed in the source by a team where the women give a special touch from the beginning and throughout the productive chain, from planting to final drink, softening the centuries-old male tradition of the product.

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CAFÉ HELENA is pure 100% Arabica Coffee  with high quality from a single producer. Our farm is certified by UTZ and Fair Trade labels.

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We are a production and industrialization of Special Coffees company. We serve small and large companies offering a 100% Arabica coffee with a unique quality for demanding customers with competitive price. Schedule your tasting and we will go to your company!

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Providing certified high quality coffee, growing up the business through high technological innovation.


We believe in building relationships that lasts longer though the honest, straightforward and ethical treatment of clients, workers and supliers.


Our goals are focused on the expansion of the business, based on sustainability, respect on the earth and society, investing on the improvement of rural property management.

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